Vehicle Fleet

Our C2-licensed company provides service to Europe by its company-owned vehicles and through a broad agency network Our vehicles are conforming to European standards and environmentally friendly vehicles with EURO 5 norms. Our truck fleet consists of curtain-sided, hanging and mega trailers.

Our company with 27 tow trucks and 48 trailers has been secured by the CMR insurance regardless of the load carried by minivan express transportation service out of sliding roof curtain-sided trailers, box trailers and hanging trailers.

Experienced drivers conforming to ADR convention, equipped vehicles and drivers are among our services even also for dangerous goods transportation.

"Our mini-van express service provides the opportunity of guaranteed delivery in 36 to 48 hours in the line of Turkey - Europe. The interest to our minivan service is increasing every passing day which we have put into use as an alternative to air freight for the hanging garments transportation such as the same with dangerous goods transportation. We offer deadline-guaranteed door to door delivery service to our customers in this line of business by our minivan service using roadway also including customs clearance."

The biggest and major power of Atom Logistics is the fact that it can provide any type and number of vehicles needed by the customer at any time.