Air Transportation

Atom offers air transportation services to airport or room from every location to every location in the world and provides location and price advantages in transportation thanks to the agreements signed with leading airline companies.

Atom adopted the principle of offering the ideal solution to all kinds of transport demands of its customers. In this context, the company plays an integral role in transport solutions such as air transport, maritime and railway transport.

The options of airport delivery and door-to-door delivery are handled by direct and shuttle services without using any transfer location.

The company works hard to produce the most appropriate solutions for customer demands with different air freight cargo transportation alternatives. The company executes the import and export operations between airports in Turkey and all over the world with its expert staff by providing accurate and regular information towards from order to delivery.

Our Services:

  • Airport and door delivery import and export shipments
  • Cargo shipments out of gauge
  • Charter service
  • Precious cargo escort service
  • Multi-modal transportation
  • Consolidated transportation
  • Transhipment Transportation